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Mailer Daemon & Sage Interview on FBI Radio 94.5 with Shantan Wantan Stolen Records for ‘Ronin 2’ and ‘Friend or Foe’ Out Oct 23 2015 (MGM) / For fans of Future, Yung Lean, and Skepta / Alternative Hip Hop / Post Trap / Grime / ADM Bass Music / Mailer Daemon – Ronin 2 LP Album Featuring Omar Musa, Sage, & More. Production by Mailer Daemon & Dread Jensen. Mixed by Mailer Daemon. Mastered by Stepford Audio. Animation by Kidmograph / Logo by James Jirat Patradoon / Art by Mathias Rapp. Big ups to Shantan and Happy Birthday to Mike Who

Ronin 2 FBI Radio 94.5 Shantan Wantan Sunsets Video Interview

Ronin 1 FBI Radio 94.5 Shantan Wantan Sunsets Video Interview 

Interview of Mailer Daemon with Shantan, FBI Radio Stolen Records. Ronin LP (MGM) Out Now: Written, Performed, Produced, Mixed, and Directed by Mailer Daemon: Producer-Artist: Alternative Hip Hop, ADM, Dreamy Rap, Shoegaze Beats, Space Rock, Bass Punk, Cyberpunk Dub. Mailer D marks October 3rd with his debut Ronin LP, a 90s referential rock album that baptizes bass-heavy-cyberpunk-rap in shoegaze alt-rock guitars. This takes Mailer from ‘Producer’, to legitimately innovative artist in his own right, having notably written, performed, produced, and mixed the album entirely himself, with flowered patches from guests such as Lou Millar of Twin Caverns.

2SER Video Interview


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